WP Engine is considered to be one of the best WordPress website hosts that have helped millions of people to turn their website into the profit earning business. The only visible downside of using WP Engine VPS plans is it is expensive but we cannot ignore the kind of service they provide. VPS is a virtual private server where the website is run on a private network but the user is responsible for managing the website. It is of critical importance to choose a plan according to your needs because every plan has different features and designed keeping certain things in mind. WP Engine usually provides discounts to first-time users and hence try to avail it.

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Personal Plan for Beginners

When we talk about personal use, it is a website launched with a motive of blogging or writing self-articles. If you are a blogger, want to drive traffic, engage the reader and also earn some revenue out of it, the basic plan or the personal plan is the most suitable one.  The basic questions come to mind of every blogger is WP Engine good? The basic plan includes all the features that are required by a beginner to reach their target audience. The basic plan includes unlimited bandwidth and storage of 10GB but the downside is payment of $19.99 per month for adding CDN. There are a lot of things that are not included in this plan but if you are a new comer to the world of blogging, it is a great deal which can later be upgraded.

Business Plan is most favourable

Online businesses have gained a lot of popularity for the convenience of earning money at the convenience of home but to stand out amongst the rest is a different thing. WP Engine is known to be one of the fastest and secure website host designed for WordPress but earning great revenues also depends on the motive. The business plan is the best plan if you are planning to run your own business and earn heaps of revenue out of it. There are great features included in the WPEngine Business package and many coupon codes available for hosting the website free up to 3 months.

Features of Business Plan

The best part of purchasing the business plan is great features provided along with it. It offers unlimited storages as well as unlimited data transfer. The website is updated with daily backups along with complete security and malware scanning. With the business, pack get the advantage of free CDN which ensures faster loading of your blog. The best part of using the business plan is dedicated IP.

Apart from these features, it offers 400K visitors every month along with 25 WordPress Installs. The local storage offered is 30GB which is humungous for users. There are many advanced features like 3rd party SSL support, Multisite Ready, 24 x 7 chat support system and great performance overall. Using the business plan can go into a bit of expensive affair but it is completely worth because the business plan helps in earning revenues by increasing the Google Rank. Most of the businesses run using WP Engine prefer the business plan as it offers deals along with a 60-day money back guarantee.


Choosing a plan requires you to first take a note of your requirement and expectations. If you are planning to expand the business outreach, a business plan is the best and most moderate one with all the required features. It not only increases the speed of website loading but increases traffic amongst the target audience. It is a great way to monetize your business and every penny spent is worth it.

The present scenario has become such that for every business you need to have a proper web presence. However, some have the mindset that investment on this regard should be as minimal as it is possible, especially in case of start-up. These are the cases when ideas of free web hosting pops up in mind. Anyway, if you still having any dilemma whether to go with free web hosting or paid, then this article can be helpful. I would highly recommend you guys to go with Paid web hosting such as Bluehost or HostGator. Because you can buy HostGator hosting with much less price as little as free hosting with discount coupon for HostGator hosting from besthostgatorcoupon.com.

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Free hosting is unprofessional:

Upon going with free web hosting, your site appears at the address bar with the company name offering free host, which is never professional.

To make things in a professional way it is always advised to buy a domain name and go for a paid hosting company.

Free hosting is never suitable while changing host:

There are some others those plan to continue with the free web host for some days and then to shift for the paid service. In such cases you don’t become able in putting .htaccess file to channel the search engines and traffic to the new address

In addition, the .htaccess methods can’t be taken in to account for direct the traffic or search platforms absolutely upon removing or deleting a page from the site.

In short, it can be said that your entire hard work on a free platform is just wasted when you shift towards a professional paid hosting. Remember, no script can bring you back the traffic or search engine to the new address, as nobody has a 301 permanent option, which is most crucial.

Free hosts lack Error Pages

One more problem with the free web hosting is that here you have no default error page to go through. Hence, if any inconvenience happens it never shows anything like a 404 error. As a result, the visitor is shown with no information about the kind of error, and he might the site has been deleted or something like that.

Control over ads:

One of the biggest problems about the free hosting is that here you don’t have any control of advertises. The company offering free hosting can place ads at any point within your site, and it can be of any kind as well, view more details about HostGator hosting. Sometimes these ads are too annoying to deal with along contents, and in some other occasions these advertises put are not appropriate as of the visitors your site normally drags.

Everyone knows that neither the free, nor the paid host are going to stay with you for ever. But, in case of paid hosting there is always having an option to recover, where as there is nothing such with free hosting. You normally have a hosting account where you can download the whole site with paid host, in case you want to change the host

Confined specs:

One of pretty common drawback about the free web hosting is lack of features, and everyone knows the importance of an enhanced site to be successful professionally. You can’t go through templates of your wish in case of free web hosting. There is also least scope available for scaling up, and you know as you will grow you have to think of scaling-up.

Hearing the mass reputation of Bluehost web hosting services, we couldn’t just sit still and ignore the name. We had to purchase a hosting account and try out the services, at least as much as could. So we had our credit card ready with few dollars, and then purchased the service as any other user would have. But voila! Bluehost discount was waiting for use and we couldn’t just realize the gift Bluehost coupon has presented with us unless we had it. The total cost for test unit was $120 and we got $96 off as a result of using the promo coupon code we had found.


That kind of made us more happy using Bluehost web hosting services even before we had actually tried using it.

Bluehost History

The idea to initiate a website hosting service came off four computer science graduates studying in Calfirnia. The timeline was 1997 and these four people were the first ones to believe in themselves and make the company and a team of 50 full time staff hosting more than 5 hundred thousand domains in Bluehost server! No, name and fame couldn’t just distract Bluehost from their original belief of customer orientation.

Instead, the service has always been so good that the customers of Bluehost would always stand up for it, if they are going through trouble. This loyal customer base has made Bluehost what they are now; the customers’ testimonial is the biggest Bluehost review you can ever find. The company maintains transparency very strictly and their positive attitude is reflected throughout their operational activities. Hosting and maintaining more than 500 thousand of domains on an infrastructure is indeed very crucial but Bluehost has passed the test successfully.

Brief Pricing Idea

Bluehost has four different types of hosting plans but the basic difference lies in the storage space and allocated bandwidth. Their Happy Hosting plan covers these four plans under the basic hosting plan niche. Use Blue Host coupons to save upto 80% money while hosting purchase. For more period you buy more discount you will get. However, the level 1 plans provided by Bluehost are usually best suited for most newbies, and they can upgrade further to suit their ever growing needs.

The ‘Crazy Domain Insane’ is the level 1 hosting plan to purchase. With this package we had have 200 GB of hard disk space to store our resources and 2000 GB of data transfer allowance per month. As you become an experienced user of Bluehost over time, you get to experience higher data storage space and bandwidth. However, the Bluehost coupon code we had used was SAVEMONEY.

Features like nearly unlimited mailbox accounts, unlimited MySQP database, ability to install plugins like WordPress, Joomla etc. and access to .htaccess make Bluehost hosting worth the money you pay. And if you still can’t like their service, just avail the 97 days money back guarantee offer to pull all your money off the service and give it up.

Control Panel

From this control panel, unlike other web hosts cPanel; you can control almost all technical aspects of your hosting service. The layout is just as easy as any local program and if you ever fall in distress the customer care is always there to lend out there hands for you. One-click install page lets you install all amazing services like WordPress, Joomla, MediaWiki, Gallery2 etc. Even if a package isn’t supported across this platform, you can still install that using few manual controls.


The best value for your money is just right there. The data and bandwidth allowance is fair enough for any beginner. Visit EasyWayToHosting for more web hosting coupons and reviews about all web hosting services. And the service provided for such a lower amount of money is unique. Anyone purchasing a Bluehost hosting account is very less likely to regret of their decision!

Business people use a website to create a new potential base of customers and to serve the existing customers even better. A business website is crucial; the website needs to be up at any given time. No excuse for an unavailable is ever going to compensate and the quality matters a lot as well. The outlook and content management of the website is totally dependent on how the webmaster puts their efforts on it, but the website uptime and other technical aspects like page load time depends on the hosting provider. To ensure your business website gets the same sincere treatment like the way you do to your business, this is how you should find a web host.

web hosting for your business

Calculate the Revenue

You need money to host a website. Depending on the type of your website, that money could range up to even $500-$600 per month. But don’t get disheartened yet as this rate was for really large scale websites. For some basic website plans costing around $50-$100 would. No matter what is the amount you spend each month, make sure you are making profit off the website. Try to make the web host payment from the revenue your business website generates so that you don’t have to put money from your business to your website fund.

Sign up only for what you need. Don’t spend any money on a feature you would barely or never need. For business websites, monetary gain is important.

But remember, cost must not be the only concern. If you need to pay little more for better service, just incur the cost without hesitation.

No Blacklisted Companies

Some hosting companies could have track records for hosting SEO blacklisted websites. While almost all hosting companies could host websites that are not properly SEO optimized, but some companies could just be colored for allowing the websites to carry on their black hat SEO. Stay clear off those companies and stick to the reputed ones like BlueHost, HostGator, GoDaddy etc.

Security First!

When hackers carry out global website attacks they look for personal and business websites as well. In many cases the owners of these websites don’t carry about the security and that lets the hackers find the loophole. Find out a hosting company that provides strong guard against intruders. Malware attacks should be well-handled as well. And just in case the website gets hacked, make sure the hosting company provides required services to restore the website.


With time business websites get more traffic – this is the case mostly likely to happen. Be informed if your host is flexible to manage the added traffic without compromising your website.

Background Check

Just don’t put all your hard earned cash into a non-reputed company’s bank account as a hosting investment. Do a proper background check, especially how long the company has been operating alongside their technical infrastructure. Check user reviews and feedback; then decide.

Customer Support

Only choose a company if their customer care service is rated ‘excellent’. No compromise!


There are plenty of hosting companies out there you could use for your hosting purpose. But when it comes to your precious business, you just can’t risk your goodwill. Maybe even ask the hosting subscribers personally if there are any issues they got complaints about. No one in this world is perfect but use your judgment to find out the one worth your money.